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We now support SolidTrust Pay
Dear Valued Customer, We are glad to inform you that you can now buy and sell your STP using our website as we become one of the very few approved exchangers of SolidTrust Pay in the world and the first and only in Africa. You can now start buying and selling STP on our website like the other e-currencies. We also need to inform you that while funding is instant, withdrawals to an approved exchanger's account are subjected to the STP Team approval and this can take them up to 2 working days (Monday - Friday). This means that your STP withdrawal will show-up under the Ungoing/uncompleted withdrawal section of the website until it will be confirmed by STP (We have no control over this!). no control over this!). Don't have a STP account but considering creating one ? Visit www.solidtrustpay.com

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